Israel Ruiz

The Executive Vice President at MIT

The Executive Vice President (EVP) and Treasurer is the Institute’s chief fiduciary officer and is responsible for leading all of the administrative and financial functions at MIT, and working with the President, the Corporation and members of MIT’s senior leadership team to ensure that MIT’s financial, capital, and operational resources are optimally deployed in a manner that supports the Institute’s academic mission of education and research.  The EVP and Treasurer is responsible for financial strategy development, operations and capital budget planning, debt issuance, and the integrity of financial information.

The EVP is the chief steward of over $12.8 billion of MIT's financial assets (2012) and is responsible for administering the Institute's capital budget, with average annual spending of $220 million. Other administrative areas of responsibility include human resources, information systems, facilities, and operations.

The EVP is the treasurer of the MIT Corporation and is responsible for the management of the Corporation’s financial resources. The EVP serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive and Development committees of the Corporation and of the board of the MIT Investment Management Corporation.